The REED founding statement declares that education must be universal in purpose and intent. We uphold and pursue a pragmatic, balanced education with an emphasis on art, sports and general education to cultivate talents, to lead the coming century. Our holistic approach to education in both academic and moral stand, is deemed appropriate for our learners coming from diverse representations of nationalities, cultures, identities and faith communities.

We offer Cambridge Early Years all the way to Cambridge Advanced Program. These programs are delivered using our 21st Century pedagogical methodology, with strong emphasis on learning collaborative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as we employ student-centred approach in a technology-integrated setting.

In addition, we have a broad range of extra-curricular sports activities, supported by a team of experts to coach and nurture students who like sports, to provide them the opportunities to pursue sports and participate in competitions at both national and international levels. On the fine arts side, we provide a good selection of activities to encourage self-expressiveness and art appreciation.
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