Career Talk 2024 | Events

Reed International School held its first Career Talk for 2024.

 07 Feb 2024
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Bank Negara Museum and Minature Arts Gallery | Events

Our students embarked on a fascinating journey to Bank Negara Museum and Art Gallery & MinNature Malaysia.

 22 Jan 2024
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From green pastures to thrilling adventures! | Events

Reed International School students had an action-packed day at IOI City Farm and District 21.

 10 Jan 2024
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"Celebrating the Culmination of Years of Hard Work and the Dawn of New Beginnings 🌅🎓 | Events

As the sun sets on our time at Reed International School, it rises on the exciting chapter ahead.

 01 Nov 2023
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A Remarkable Journey | Events

Reed International School's first International Student Exchange Program.

 30 Oct 2023
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Cultural Exchange Activities | Events

Reed International School Rawang warmly welcomes students and teachers from Gyeongju Technical High-school, Korea for an

 09 Aug 2023
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Reed Rawang Badminton Tournament Triumph | Events

Reed Rawang Badminton Tournament Triumph!
What an incredible day we experienced at the off-campus badminton courts during the recent badminton

 11 May 2023
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Chinese New Year Celebrations | Events

At Reed International School, the students celebrated Chinese New Year with making cookies, drawing rabbits (the zodiac animal of the year), and

 11 May 2023
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Exciting Day out at the Petting Zoo | Events

An exciting day out at the Petting Zoo!!
Our Grade 4, 6 and 8 students of Reed International School, Rawang got to experience uncaged and

 11 May 2023
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