Dewey Institute

Pathway to World’s Leading Universities
Registered with Ontario Ministry of Education, Dewey Institute is a premium private high school and a preparatory school for colleges and universities that admit both Canadian and international students. It is the only secondary school in Ontario that is established with university standards. Students obtain Ontario Secondary School Diploma(OSSD) after fulfilling all necessary credits, literacy and community hour requirements.

Dewey has partnerships with schools in over 10 countries, and its signature program “Guaranteed Top University Admission Class” is a green pathway for ambitious students who aspire to attend world’s leading universities.

At Dewey, we care for the growth of each and every student. At the student-focused Dewey Institute, all curriculums are customized by our senior educational experts to fulfil every student’s specific needs, and experienced teachers commit themselves to the improvement of students’ English proficiency and academic achievements. By partnering with renowned institutions, Dewey endeavors to create more opportunities for its students to succeed. Dewey’s first-class amenities and intellectual resources secure the organic, holistic growth of every student and the fulfillment of their university dreams.